Customer feedback

"Ms. Parker's books are amazing! I teach basic sewing/dressmaking to adults in Hong Kong and as part of the course, I give a brief introduction to fabrics. The hardest question I get from students is to verbally describe a fabric that they will be encountering visually and by feel. Now that I have found these books, they will be going with me to every class I teach. Anyone even remotely interested in fabrics should add these books to their library."
E.J.H., Hong Kong

"Wow. What a great book! I loved the format, so easy to absorb information. Before I read your book, I knew almost nothing about wool. Now I know a lot more, and you have given me the resources to learn even more. Thank you."
R.D., Wayne, Pennsylvania

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
M.K., Santa Rosa, California

"I have just started sewing and these are the best books I have bought in the last year. I did not know a thing about fabric. ... I just love them. They are so easy to understand and there is so much information."
R.M. via e-mail

"I just bought the All About Wool, Silk and Cotton books and I LOVE them! Thank you for publishing them at a reasonable cost!"
S.R., New York City, New York

"My three "all about..." books arrived yesterday. I couldn't be more pleased! They are even better than the description. I have other fabric books but none with the crucial swatches or the easy-to-use check lists. Parker's books are a wonderful addition to my sewing library."
Janet, via e-mail

"I have all three of Julie Parker's books (cotton, silk, wool) and I love them! They are required texts for me as a Visual Arts and Design Major at Albright College."
Todd, via e-mail

"All About Silk and the samples have arrived safe and sound and I am thrilled. This is just what I have needed for a long time. Thank you so much for putting this wonderful book together. I will sing its praises wherever I go."
Judith, via e-mail

"Purchased all three of the books (wool, silk and cotton) and can't say enough good things to you about these publications. I have recommended them over and over to others."
P.P., Columbia, Maryland

"I have just finished putting all the fabric swatches in the three books and I had to write to tell you how impressed I am with your work. I feel I have not purchased a mere three volumes on cloth, but a labor of love and effort. Your attention to detail, your careful research and your thoroughly organized approach to an amazing amount of information all contribute to make these books a valuable reference. Your fabric choices and illustrations are both so attractive that I page through the books for the sheer visual pleasure of it."
L.S.P., Lexington, Massachusetts

"Thank you very much for the Fabric Reference Series. The whole of the three volumes are wonderful. The way each fabric is presented is excellent and will be a great help to my students."
J.E.S., Doncaster, England

All About Silk "is MY kind of book ó full of facts, not puffery."
Juanita Ash, Tacoma, Washington

All About Wool "far exceeded my expectations and its reviews. It is comprehensive and well written, informative, and fun to read! Your fabric samples are fabulous, and the mounting instructions and packaging are well organized, clear and concise. Thank you!"
J.S.B., Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"I recently purchased a copy of All About Cotton. I think itís a wonderful book. I will never again enter my local fabric store feeling like a kid on Day 1 of kindergarten."
R.R., Seattle, Washington

"Customers would often ask about a certain silk type, and it was so useful to flip open your book and show them what they Ďthoughtí they were looking for, but wanted something else."
Ann Marie Lane, Redmond, Washington

"I could tell immediately that it was going to become one of my bibles.í"
Barbara Wood, New City, New York

"School books should use this form of teaching ó much more interesting."
Pam Newman, Calhoun, Tennessee

"I donít often write letters to authors but these both deserve a letter of appreciation. I intend to tell everyone I know about them."
A.R., East Petersburg, Pennsylvania

"Iíve learned more about silk and silk terminology than in several years of research."
Deirdre Murr, Manvel, Texas

"The best reference book Iíve ever seen."
Charlene Shabi, Katy, Texas

"Your books are beautifully done and any person interested in working with fabrics should have these books in their personal library. Thank you for sharing a wealth of information!"
Nancy J. Seebaum, Longmont, Colorado

"I canít begin to tell you how overjoyed I am in your book, All About Silk. Itís the best."
Donna Katz, Erdenheim, Pennsylvania

"Everyone who sees my books loves them. I use them so often because for years, I could only guess at what a fabric looked or felt like. Ö It is so nice to look up a fabric mentioned in a pattern description and see and feel exactly what it is like in reality."
P.L.S., Fresno, California

"A quick note of sincere appreciation for the fine reference book, All About Wool. Itís an outstanding, informative, useful book and beautifully put together. Thank you!"
A.S.O., Houston, Texas

"I wish to extend my appreciation for the fibre resources, All About Silk, Cotton and Wool. I have been collecting resources for students to research while taking Clothing and Textiles. These are wonderful!"
M.H., teacher of home economics, Nanaimo, British Columbia

"Iíve just had the most enjoyable few hours mounting the samples in my silk, cotton and wool dictionaries. Not only do I love fabrics, but I thoroughly appreciated working with such immaculately prepared and organized samples."
L.W., San Diego, California

"An excellent job! The books are well organized and packed with information. As a sewer of 30 some years I never took the time to get to know fabrics in such detail. Julie has made it an enjoyable experience."
S.J.B., Salina, Kansas

"I love your fabric reference series. Iíve always liked to sew but never really knew much or understood about different types of fabrics. These are great!"
S.W., Portola Valley, California

"I loved your book All About Silk. Iím no longer lost when I go shopping for it and can now spot the differences when I look for silk, even if it isnít marked."
Rory McGahee, Jonesboro, Georgia

"What a fabulous idea for a series ó I canít wait for the Ďwoolí version."
Cheryl Moncrief, Houston, Texas

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